Business Consulting

In WZ Partners we share our knowledge in the areas of accounting, HR, taxes and IT.

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30 years of presence on the market, qualified staff of specialists and experts, as well as knowledge of a multitude of financial and business issues from the perspective of a range of sectors represented by our clients, are the perfect foundations for knowledge sharing.  Therefore, in addition to standard accounting services and ongoing support related to said services, at WZ Partners we also provide advisory and consulting services in areas that require experience at the interface between finance, accounting, taxes and related IT issues.  The comprehensiveness of our offer in business consulting is supported by the possibility of expanding a dedicated consulting team with our experts from HR&payroll and tax advisory departments.

We share our rich experience in many areas, which are sometimes directly and sometimes more loosely related to accounting in a broad sense. We run ongoing consulting projects involving the supervision of our clients’ accounting departments, acting as an external CFO.  On many occasions, we have participated in and supervised projects in which clients transferred the competences of their internal accounting departments to WZ Partners.  Thanks to our extensive experience in IT areas related to accounting software, we have repeatedly and independently conducted projects related to the implementation of ERP systems as a project leader, but also as a team member.  As business consultants, we advise clients on increasing the efficiency of business processes thanks to the use of new technologies.

The above are just a few examples showing in which areas you can use our knowledge to improve the efficiency of selected areas of your business operations or successfully complete the implementation of a complex and important project. In areas that require specialized knowledge beyond the financial aspects, we create dedicated advisory teams on behalf of the client, liaising with not only experts from our HR & payroll and tax advisory departments, but also renowned law and notary offices and qualified IT specialists.

Business consulting

  • Advice on projects related to the implementation of ERP programs.
  • Advice on projects related to the design and implementation of electronic document flows.
  • Comprehensive support for the accounting outsourcing process.
  • Building dedicated project teams on behalf of the client.
  • Management support and financial design.
  • Budgeting and financial analysis.
  • Implementation and analysis of internal control systems (including SOX).
  • Audit and due diligence.
  • Supervision over the client’s accounting department and assistance of an outside CFO.

Offices in Warsaw and Poznań

The digitization of accounting processes, which is one of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of accounting outsourcing at WZ Partners, means that in reality our clients do not have to visit our offices in Warsaw and Poznań.  

We know, however, that there are certain clients looking for professional accounting services who value various forms of daily cooperation, including those based on face-to-face meetings with their dedicated accountants. We tend to those needs at WZ Partners. Our offices in Warsaw and Poznań are located in the strict business centers of these cities – open and available to all our clients, no matter in which city they are currently staying in, as well as to all those who want to personally talk to our Partners about establishing cooperation.

The location of our accounting office is not only convenient but also translates into prestige and trust. Thanks to such recognizable and prestigious addresses, our clients who decide to rent the office space for the purpose of registering their registered office in Warsaw or Poznań, can present company addresses which inspire trust. Clients using this service can use our conference rooms according to their needs, regardless of whether they want to organize a meeting in Warsaw or Poznań.  Our clients know that the comprehensiveness of our services means that our services are more than standard accounting outsourcing.