Accounting services

At WZ Partners we offer top-level accounting services.

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Outsourcing księgowości, usługi księgowe Poznań

At WZ Partners we offer top-level accounting services, adapting our daily activities to professionalism, safety and satisfaction of our clients.

Our office has been active on the market for 30 years. In the field of accounting, we specialize in providing services to businesses keeping full account books.  We work with both domestic and international capital groups. We demonstrate responsibility and unique approach to relations built around the broadly understood accounting service. Our clients value mutual cooperation and the comfort it provides. Our offices are located in the key Polish business centers: Warsaw and Poznań, thus allowing us to provide our accounting services to businesses located anywhere in the country.

We believe that effective accounting outsourcing is primarily the understanding that what helps businesses develop is not the time spent on preparing and delivering documents to the accounting office, but making the best decisions owing to access to up-to-date and reliable financial data and the possibility of discussing them directly with specialists and experts who deal with the Client’s accounting matters on a daily basis.

Our daily accounting service is based on the following pillars:

  • automation of data exchange and document transfer processes using e-Accounting solutions;
  • individual assistance, possible due to daily support of a qualified, dedicated mentor and accounting team, as well as free access to and contact with Partners at WZ Partners;
  • Clients’ access to current financial data through functionalities of platforms and solutions offered as part of e-Accounting and automatic or individualized reporting processes.

The leading system which we use to keep account books for our clients is Comarch ERP Optima, which is integrated with the SaldeoSMART platform in the e-Accounting service model. The platform is available to our clients free of charge. In addition, we provide services using our own remotely-accessible accounting software, such as, among other things: Symfonia, SAGE ERP, Comarch XL, SAP, SAP Business One.

Dedicated service models

To guarantee that our accounting services are effective and satisfy our clients and their teams, it is crucial that we understand their individual needs, business processes and the programs they use. Only with that knowledge we can prepare a client-dedicated offer and propose a set of tools and the best liaison model, which will decide on the effectiveness of the accounting outsourcing project.

To implement this approach, the offer preparation process is of key importance, the basic stages of which are:

1. Filling in a survey

  • Please fill in a survey available here, which will give us information on the scale of your business operations and help us identify key areas from the point of view of daily accounting services.

2. Meeting with Partners at WZ Partners

  • Having analyzed data provided in the survey, our team members will contact you to schedule an appointment or an interview with the Partners at WZ Partners who manage the Accounting Department at our office.
  • The goal of the interview is to discuss your needs, business processes and tools you use every day in more detail. Our Partners will then present possible assistance models and tools that in their opinion will be most beneficial in our everyday cooperation.

3. Offer

  • Based on data provided in the survey and the interview with our Partners we will prepare and send you an individual cooperation offer.
  • Depending on your needs and the selected survey scope, the offer may also provide for HR & payroll and tax advisory services.

4. Establishing cooperation

  • By establishing cooperation with our firm, you gain full support and assistance in the process of transferring account books, training in the use of platforms made available to our clients in our daily cooperation and parametrization of any other processes, tools and programs.

Accounting services

Just as we do not limit ourselves to specific models of accounting services and variants of accounting outsourcing, we find it impossible to make an exhausted list of services and activities that we take and are ready to take while providing accounting assistance to our clients. The legal, market and technological environment is subject to dynamic changes to which we are constantly adapting, while expanding the catalog of standard and advanced accounting services, the basic of which include:

Standard accounting services:

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping services (account books).
  • Keeping tax records (revenue and cost registers).
  • Access to the SaldeoSMART platform.
  • Client-dedicated mentor and accounting team at Warsaw and Poznań offices.
  • Tax reporting and annual financial statements.
  • Annual tax returns.
  • Reporting to the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) and National Bank of Poland (NBP).
  • Contacting tax authorities on behalf of a client.
  • Representing a client in contacts with tax authorities.
  • Ongoing control of financial results and tax returns via the SaldeoSMART platform.

Advanced solutions and services

  • Keeping account books on ERP systems made available remotely by a client.
  • Keeping account books in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and US GAAP.
  • Consolidation of financial statements.
  • Reporting for companies listed on stock exchanges, include the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Reporting to the head office of affiliated entities in accordance with group requirements.
  • Defining management and cyclical reports, automatically dispatched by e-mail.
  • Individually designed document flow integrated with the financial and accounting system.
  • Rental of space in Warsaw and Poznań offices for the purpose of registering the registered office address.

We encourage you to use the quote form and submit a request for an offer for WZ Partners accounting services.

Offices in Warsaw and Poznań

The digitization of accounting processes, which is one of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of accounting outsourcing at WZ Partners, means that in reality our clients do not have to visit our offices in Warsaw and Poznań.

We know, however, that there are certain clients looking for professional accounting services who value various forms of daily cooperation, including those based on face-to-face meetings with their dedicated accountants. We tend to those needs at WZ Partners. Our offices in Warsaw and Poznań are located in the strict business centers of these cities – open and available to all our clients, no matter in which city they are currently staying in, as well as to all those who want to personally talk to our Partners about establishing cooperation.

The location of our accounting office is not only convenient but also translates into prestige and trust. Thanks to such recognizable and prestigious addresses, our clients who decide to rent the office space for the purpose of registering their registered office in Warsaw or Poznań, can present company addresses which inspire trust. Clients using this service can use our conference rooms according to their needs, regardless of whether they want to organize a meeting in Warsaw or Poznań.  Our clients know that the comprehensiveness of our services means that our services are more than standard accounting outsourcing.