In WZ Partners we constantly think about the best solutions for our Clients, offering support in their implementation.

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Development of business operations conducted not only by the clients of WZ Partners, but also by their contractors, may necessitate restructuring the business activity and changing the form of its operation. The reasons behind restructuring processes vary in nature, e.g., they include decisions of the management board or owners of a business regarding its division, motivated by the will to sell a part thereof, preparation of a business for taking-in of an external investor or merger with another entity. In view of the above-mentioned circumstances, WZ Partners provides comprehensive advisory services at the stage of preparation, implementation and carrying out of restructuring processes, which includes, among others:

  • identification of possible restructuring models, including the presentation of tax consequences and costs of proposed restructuring solutions,
  • presentation of tax risks of the indicated solutions and the possibility of their minimization,
  • cooperation and support in the development of business justification for the restructuring activities, including the preparation of applications for the issuance of individual rulings, advance tax decisions or binding rate information,
  • a proposal of the most effective method of financing the activities undertaken within the business model existing and planned as part of the restructuring process,
  • legal and tax support at the stage of the implementation of a restructuring program, including, inter alia, preparation of transaction documentation,
  • ongoing monitoring of tax issues related to the restructuring process (analysis of the current court decisions and rulings on tax law as well as informing the client about possible consequences for the ongoing restructuring process),
  • divestment support.

Thanks to the activities of WZ Partners in the areas of accounting, HR and payroll, we are able to mobilize a broad team of specialists who will be able to comprehensively handle a restructuring process from the point of view of tax, accounting and human resources issues, including labor law.

Due to our years-long presence on the market, we have managed to establish business relations with the most renowned law and notary offices, thus ensuring that the participation of WZ Partners advisors in restructuring projects is beneficial and translates into the efficiency and reliability of their implementation.


Law offices in Warsaw and Poznań

Key tax decisions often require a face-to-face meeting with a tax advisor. In addition to personal visits of our team members at the registered offices of our clients, our tax advisors are also at your disposal in our offices in Warsaw and Poznań. We encourage you to contact us and arrange a meeting at a location, which is convenient for you.

Exact addresses of our Offices can be found under “contact” tab. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or using the contact form.