At WZ Partners we design effective accounting processes by offering the newest tools and applications.

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As WZ Partners, we have always seen opportunities in the dynamically developing fintech sector to improve the processing of repetitive activities typical for accounting offices. Over the years, we have created procedures and implemented tools that have completely eliminated paper document flow from cooperation with our clients, acting as a precursor of accounting outsourcing in the e-Accounting model.

We knew perfectly well that the time spent by clients on completing documents for their accounting office is costly and instead they could effectively spend it on the development of their business. Also, from the perspective of a typical accountant, the time he spends printing, completing and rewriting data from a paper document to an accounting program could be devoted to efficient and effective communication with clients, addressing their questions and advising them in urgent matters in shorter time.

That is why we constantly monitor the software market, follow innovations and premieres of new modules, as well as work closely with IT partners to test and implement solutions and tools that will successively increase the quality of our services and save our clients’ time.  We are forerunners in many market fields, among other things, by providing our clients for almost 10 years with the SaldeoSMART platform as an electronic repository of purchase and sales invoices and using OCR engines, as well as developing dedicated software for our clients for direct import of financial data, e.g., using EDI formats.

By focusing on the automation of data import processes, we gain more time that we then spend on qualitative data evaluation, ensuring the completeness, reliability and transparency of our clients’ accounting records.  Thanks to this, we are also more accessible and responsive. We are able to more efficiently and quickly respond to our clients’ questions, as well as advise and help them with current issues. This is the advantage that such an advanced accounting office as WZ Partners has over the competitive offices, which, when dealing with clients’ matters in the traditional model of accounting services, must first manually enter invoice content to the accounting system, thus losing time necessary to properly assist the client.

But an advanced accounting office sees not only opportunities but also dangers related to the digitization of processes.  At WZ Partners, we are aware of the responsibility attached to storing our clients’ financial data in electronic form, therefore e-Accounting also guarantees security. Our own network infrastructure with the highest security standards, data backup in several independent locations, assistance of and cooperation with renowned IT partners – these are just a few of the many activities that we take on a daily basis to ensure the security and protection of our clients’ data.

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Client’s Panel and electronic document flow

The basic tool serving as the basis for accounting services in the e-Accounting model at WZ Partners is the SaldeoSMART platform.

As standard, our clients receive access to the Client’s Panel, to which they send documents, thus forwarding them for accounting. They can do it through the online platform, mobile app or e-mail. This way a document repository is created simultaneously, to which our clients have access at any place and time.

Thanks to the OCR engine and subsequent verification by a dedicated accounting team, each document is described in SaldeoSMART with accounting parameters such as, for example, date of purchase, contractor, amount, accounting category, thus enabling the clients to intuitively find the document they need, make their own analyses and export reports to excel files.

In addition, SaldeoSMART also offers:

  • a possibility to export transfers to online banking,
  • a panel for issuing sales invoices supporting online payments from contractors,
  • a cash register module,
  • an employee advances module.

For the clients with an extensive structure, internal approval procedures, multiple cost centers or demanding special procedures with respect to documents related to EU subsidies, we implement SaldeoSMART based on the “document flow” module. We then parameterize document types and design individual flow and approval paths for them, while configuring rights and obligations in relation to selected document types for selected user groups.

SaldeoSMART in the “document flow” model is implemented directly by the WZ Partners team. Thanks to many years of experience in operating this platform, we do not have to use the services of outside implementation companies.

Cooperation with the client within a single ERP system

For many business owners, the functionalities of integrated enterprise management systems (ERP) seem to be reserved for large businesses and are associated with implementation projects worth at least a few dozen thousand zlotys. Owing to the solution we offer at WZ Partners, the advantages of using the ERP system are available to each of our clients, without the need to implement such solutions on their own and within their own network infrastructures.

We offer the possibility of building an ERP class system and its functionality based on and around the Comarch ERP Optima program modules already implemented, used and hosted by WZ Partners to keep our clients’ account books.

The clients in need of a program supporting:

  • sales,
  • storage,
  • e-commerce,
  • maintenance or
  • CRM

can purchase modules supporting a given area, adding them to the database on which WZ Partners keeps account books, thus creating an integrated ERP system.

The whole database, including modules used exclusively by the client, is hosted by WZ Partners as part of our network infrastructure. As WZ Partners, we provide technology that enables remote access to the software.

Thanks to this unique model of cooperation our clients don’t need to build their own network infrastructure and the independent process of implementing the program and interfaces or dedicated procedures for transferring data to accounting. Joint work of the Client and WZ Partners within a single ERP system helps achieve mutual synergy in the generation and flow of data. In their modules, the clients use information entered by the accounting department (e.g., payments from bank statements), without having to enter it on their own. The accounting department has direct access to the data generated by the client within the same program, without having to import or enter it from external sources.

Other elements of e-Accounting

e-Accounting is not one standard service model, but a mix of tools and procedures depending on the needs and nature of the client’s business operations.  What’s more, we do not limit ourselves only to the use of solutions implemented by us, but we are also open to the use of applications implemented on the client’s side.

Therefore, e-Accounting cannot be defined with an exhaustive list of solutions, but the basic elements constituting the foundation of this concept are as follows:


  • Electronic exchange of documents and information via SaldeoSMART.
  • Free access to the online panel with the document archive integrated with the accounting program.
  • Free access to the module used to issue sales invoices.
  • Individually designed online document flows integrated with the accounting program.
  • Individually designed data import interfaces, including data import in EDI format.
  • Cooperation with the client within a single ERP system.
  • Drawing up reports in Business Intelligence software with the possibility of automatic, cyclical dispatch.
  • Protection and security of clients’ financial data stored at WZ Partners

Offices in Warsaw and Poznań

The digitization of accounting processes, which is one of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of accounting outsourcing at WZ Partners, means that in reality our clients do not have to visit our offices in Warsaw and Poznań.

We know, however, that there are certain clients looking for professional accounting services who value various forms of daily cooperation, including those based on face-to-face meetings with their dedicated accountants. We tend to those needs at WZ Partners. Our offices in Warsaw and Poznań are located in the strict business centers of these cities – open and available to all our clients, no matter in which city they are currently staying in, as well as to all those who want to personally talk to our Partners about establishing cooperation.

The location of our accounting office is not only convenient but also translates into prestige and trust. Thanks to such recognizable and prestigious addresses, our clients who decide to rent the office space for the purpose of registering their registered office in Warsaw or Poznań, can present company addresses which inspire trust. Clients using this service can use our conference rooms according to their needs, regardless of whether they want to organize a meeting in Warsaw or Poznań.  Our clients know that the comprehensiveness of our services means that our services are more than standard accounting outsourcing.