Tax advisory services for individual clients

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doradztwo indywidualne

Tax advisory services for individuals

Due to the increasing complexity of regulations concerning tax settlements of individuals, our tax advisors provide comprehensive support in the preparation of annual tax settlements, in particular in the case of earning income from foreign sources and in matters related to determining tax residency in Poland. The offer of WZ Partners addressed to individual clients includes, among other things:

  • preparing annual tax returns,
  • performing current tax settlements in the case of earning income based on employment contracts or mandate contracts from entities seated abroad,
  • advise on the best form of employment.

Income from real estate rental and sale

The widespread belief in the attractiveness of real estate investments is directly related to the taxation of profits that they bring. The applicable regulations provide for several possibilities of taxation of regular income from real estate, and the profitability of a given taxation model depends on individual factors. An experienced tax advisor who understands business goals of the planned investment can make it as economically efficient as possible.

At WZ Partners, we offer, among other things, the following services to real estate owners:

  • tax advice on the choice of the form of taxation of real estate income and preparation of the required reporting documents in this regard,
  • current settlements of rental income for income tax and VAT purposes,
  • preparation of annual flat-rate tax settlements on income derived from rental,
  • tax advice on taxation of income obtained from the disposal of real estate, both in terms of income tax and VAT,
  • preparation of annual income tax settlements on income obtained from the disposal of real estate and advice on tax reliefs in this area.

Inheritance and donation

Things, money and property rights received free of charge by an individual are generally subject to inheritance and donation tax. Regulations in this area provide for a number of exemptions and reliefs.  WZ Partners tax advisors are at your disposal and offer heirs and donees full support in these areas, including:

  • tax advice on the rules of taxation of inheritance and donations,
  • completing inheritance and donation tax declarations,
  • preparing documentation necessary to take advantage of inheritance and donation tax reliefs,
  • representing in tax proceedings in the field of inheritance and donation tax.

Business succession

We support self-employed individuals and their heirs in the procedure of appointing a succession manager.  We also provide advice and support in:

  • determining whether it is justified to appoint a succession manager,
  • re-registering a business as a private company as an alternative solution to the appointment of a succession manager,
  • defining legal and tax consequences of appointing a succession manager,
  • terminating the role of a succession manager,

In addition, we also advise on issues related to succession planning in entities with a capital structure. One of the areas in which you can receive our professional support is the preparation and implementation of changes in a business structure following succession, including solutions provided for the Family Foundation.

Law offices in Warsaw and Poznań

We invite you to a meeting with a tax advisor in our tax office in Warsaw or in Poznań.  Exact addresses of our offices can be found under the “contact” tab. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or using the contact form to arrange a meeting.