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Outsourcing the payroll service to WZ Partners offers daily cooperation with a professional partner.

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At WZ Partners, we provide HR and Payroll services according to one of two models: Payroll or HR & Payroll. The payroll service is addressed to clients who have their own HR department or HR Manager dealing with everyday communication with employees but are looking for a trusted and reliable partner who will handle the area of salary calculation and directly related issues.

The model under which the internal HR department liaises with an outside partner responsible for payroll and payroll services is becoming more and more popular, and as WZ Partners we have an extensive experience in this field and knowledge of what is the key to fruitful cooperation and effective outsourcing. Each HR department has its own competences and procedures, therefore, in building a mutual relationship, flexibility in selecting appropriate solutions is important in order to create a cooperation model which will help us best manage the HR & Payroll area together with the client.

Our payroll assistance

The main objective of the payroll service, i.e., payroll assistance, is the correct calculation of payroll, but to ensure that this task is performed in a reliable manner we carry out many other activities supporting HR departments of our clients in the outsourcing model.  As part of the payroll service, we deal with, among other things, correct billing of bonuses, allowances, benefits, leaves and absences. We are responsible for reporting to the Central Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office, maintaining contacts with these authorities on behalf of clients. We work closely with our clients’ accounting departments, preparing data for posting orders, ready posting orders or even files enabling direct import of an accounting entry to financial and accounting systems. Thanks to high competences in this area as well as knowledge and understanding of accounting principles and issues, these processes are carried out in a timely, efficient and error-free manner, not engaging HR employees who can in turn focus on their basic duties.

This is not the exhaustive list of services we offer. We can take over the obligations related to reporting employees for benefits and in the area of salary payment processes we can not only send relevant statements, but also prepare files ready to be imported to online banking or personally handle bank accounts dedicated to payroll processing.

Selected payroll services

  • payroll service involving preparation of monthly payrolls,
  • preparing and submitting application documents and settlement declarations to the Social Insurance Institution,
  • handling matters related to Employee Capital Plans,
  • settling business trips,
  • reporting to the Tax Office,
  • preparing reports for the Central Statistical Office on employment and remuneration of employees based on the data possessed,
  • reporting to the State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People (PFRON),
  • informing about tax and contribution payables,
  • drawing up annual statements of advance personal income tax payments,
  • preparing payroll reports and statements,
  • providing a possibility of face-to-face meetings at the offices of WZ Partners in Warsaw, Poznań or at the client’s premises.

Comarch HRM platform

As part of our payroll services, we offer our clients and their teams access to the Comarch HRM platform, which is a tool for managing and providing information to employees.  Thanks to this tool, payroll services and communication with employees can be fully transferred online, which significantly affects the pace of information flow.

At WZ Partners, we prioritize the most effective forms of communication with clients and the exchange and transfer of data, because we believe that the less time our clients spend on preparing and sending data necessary for their settlements, the more time they can spend on tasks that are key for their business development. The Comarch HRM platform that we as WZ Partners make available to our clients is one of the tools that help us achieve this goal.

In the area of payroll and daily payroll services, the Comarch HRM application is primarily a tool which helps us safely provide our clients’ employees with documents related to their remuneration, such as, for example, PIT tax returns or pay slips.

Importantly, as part of the cooperation, HR departments can use the Comarch HRM application also for the implementation of their tasks, using modules such as intranet, working time, absences, recruitment, training and many more.

We encourage you to view all the functionalities of Comarch HRM by using a demo version available here.

Comarch HRM – payroll

  • individual user accounts,
  • access to the application from the website or a mobile app,
  • a business trips module,
  • communication with employees via intranet,
  • sending documents related to the calculation of employees’ salaries to individual user accounts: PIT returns, pay slips, earnings statements with an electronic signature,
  • direct data integration with the salary calculation program: Comarch ERP Optima,
  • data security thanks to direct supervision of WZ Partners over the server infrastructure of the application.
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Offices in Warsaw and Poznań

Thanks to our online tools and original procedures, payroll services can be carried out almost exclusively remotely, without any need for personal submission of documents or making visits.  For those clients, however, who value face-to-face contact or want to discuss selected issues with a specialist in person, our team is at their full disposal. We invite you to our offices in Warsaw or Poznań or we will visit you in person, regardless of the location of your business.