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Doradztwo podatkowe Poznań, doradca podatkowy

As part of tax advisory services at the WZ Partners Tax Office, we focus primarily on approaching needs of each of our clients individually. We provide comprehensive tax services and support our clients in all aspects of tax settlements. We also conduct tax audits and assist clients during tax audits. Based on the powers of attorney granted, our tax advisors represent clients in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts of all instances.

We offer practical solutions developed taking into account the characteristics of the industry and the market conditions in which our clients operate.  While providing advice, we consider the scale of business operations and market situation. It is crucial for us to offer safe tax solutions that will be effective from a business point of view, while participating in and supporting the client in their implementation.

We provide services to businesses of all legal forms, as well as for non-profit organizations.  We have particularly broad experience in cooperation with entities from the real estate, transport and forwarding, IT, commercial, building materials and agricultural sectors.

Since the purpose of a business is to generate profits, at WZ Partners we advise and provide support in the field of taxation of profits with corporate and personal income tax, taking account of the regulations of internal law and international agreements. We prepare tax analyses regarding planned business models, contracts, statutes, regulations and propose the most effective forms of business ventures, including marketing activities such as, among other things, competitions, promotions and bonus sales.

As part of advisory services covering income taxes, our Tax Office provides, among others things, the following services:

  • reviews and audits with respect to corporate income tax (CIT) and personal income tax (PIT),
  • assistance and representation in obtaining individual tax rulings,
  • tax services for restructuring and acquisition projects,
  • support in withholding tax settlements in connection with international transactions,
  • ongoing tax advice on issues related to corporate and personal income tax,
  • preparation of annual tax returns of individuals, including double taxation agreements,
  • tax advisory services at the client’s premises or at the law offices of WZ Partners in Warsaw and Poznań

VAT is yet another tax that is almost universally levied on goods and services sold as part of business operations.  At WZ Partners, we offer tax advisory services concerning VAT, which include in particular:

  • ongoing tax advice in the field of VAT planning and settlements, both in domestic and cross-border transactions,
  • advice on restructuring programs and acquisitions,
  • advice on taxation of real estate transactions,
  • tax reviews and audits of the correctness of VAT settlements,
  • support and representation in tax investigations and proceedings as well as court and administrative proceedings,
  • assistance and representation in obtaining individual rulings and binding rate information,
  • tax advisory services at the client’s premises or at the law offices of WZ Partners in Warsaw and Poznań

At WZ Partners, we also provide tax advisory services in the field of real estate, agricultural and forest tax.  In particular, we focus on issues concerning real estate tax in determining the subject of taxation, which involves the identification of real estate assets related to business activities in the case of self-employed individuals and assignment of individual assets to appropriate categories (buildings, structures, landscape architecture elements).

Due diligence

Development of business operations often entails acquisition of new entities, whether on the basis of an agreement to purchase shares or the acquisition of a business or its organized part. Each of these transactions must be preceded by a thorough analysis of the legal, financial, accounting and tax situation in order to identify and eliminate potential risks in the area of accounting, tax and employee matters. At WZ Partners, owing to the close cooperation of accounting, labor law and tax advisory departments, we carry out comprehensive due diligence process that guarantees that a decision on the acquisition of a new entity is safe.

Tax advisory in transfer pricing

Since transactions between personally and equity-related entities are of interest to tax authorities, in particular from the point of view of sustaining broadly understood compliance with the arm’s length principle, we offer our clients support in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation.  We provide support in assessing the transaction conditions between related entities and in meeting the reporting obligations set out in the provisions on transfer pricing.

When supporting our clients in issues related to prices in transactions between related entities, we offer, among others things:

  • support in identifying transactions subject to the documentation obligation,
  • cooperation in the preparation and update of local and group documentation,
  • preparation of comparative analyses (benchmarking),
  • analysis and assessment of transactions with related entities from the point of view of tax risks,
  • support in fulfilling disclosure and reporting obligations in the field of transfer pricing,
  • issuing opinions on contracts concluded between related entities,
  • comprehensive support during tax audits, controls and proceedings.

Mandatory reporting of tax-planning schemes (MDR)

Activities planned by economic entities aimed at reducing a tax burden on the basis of applicable law (tax planning), under the provisions of the Tax Ordinance, are obligatorily reported to the head of the National Revenue Administration as the so-called tax-planning schemes. The purpose of introducing the obligation to submit tax-planning schemes is, among other things, counteracting the so-called aggressive tax optimization. Support in this area often requires cooperation with an experienced tax advisor.

In response to the above legal requirements, at WZ Partners, we analyze the planned activities for our clients in order to assess them from the point of view of reporting them as tax-planning schemes.

Law offices in Warsaw and Poznań

Key tax decisions often require a face-to-face meeting with a tax advisor. In addition to personal visits of our team members at the registered offices of our clients, our tax advisors are also at your disposal in our offices in Warsaw and Poznań. We encourage you to contact us and arrange a meeting at a location, which is convenient for you.

Exact addresses of our Offices can be found under “contact” tab. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or using the contact form.